Reticulation Collection


This reticulation collection is inspired by the artist colony of Todos Santos, Mexico. This small town thrives with a loving sense of community and beauty. Todos Santos and the surrounding Baja peninsula has everything from desert to thriving ocean life. The contrast in textures, colors, the variety of cactus, birds and the bio diversity of the ocean are what has inspired this collection.

A little about Reticulation: Reticulation involves heating a sheet of silver alloy up to 10 times to oxidize the copper at the surface, then pickling to remove the oxide and leave a thin layer of pure metal. This process results in different melting temperatures between the surface and the interior of the metal. It is then once again heated with a torch and the interior metal flows before the surface metal does. The result is that the surface metal dances with the torch flame. This creates a unique texture that looks like the surface of the moon or a mountain range. Reticulation compared to other texture methods is unpredictable and so each piece created is slightly different than the one made before it.

I use this process for texture a lot for this collection because of its resemblance I see in it of the beautiful building around town, the cracks in the dried desert dirt or the subtle terrain near the cliff of the ocean.

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